In today’s complex sales environment, selling is still about building strong relationships. Customers will check out your website, hunt for reviews, scan your online presence, gather pre-information…without encountering a single voice. Technology can only do so much.

People want to do business with people… and sales professionals who can develop trust and credibility with their customers will be the ultimate winners in a very competitive environment.

Good business relationships are built on trust and they generate loyalty – a prerequisite for long-term sales success. Loyalty ensures the pipeline is constantly replenished, ultimately making it possible to meet or exceed targets.

Golden Apple Sales Training will give you the tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals and maximise your performance.

While all courses and workshop are personalized to suit your priorities and objectives, you can discover how to:

  • understand the selling process
  • plan a sales strategy
  • prospect effectively
  • build a sales pipeline
  • develop the right attitude
  • build you credibility
  • create a positive online presence
  • use social media effectively
  • establish credibility and rapport
  • address objections effectively
  • listen and ask questions
  • gain commitment
  • understand benefits versus features
  • uncover secondary opportunities
  • understand the value of consultative selling
  • communicate your product/service effectively
  • present your pitch persuasively
  • build long-term sales relationships
  • know how to close the sale
  • productively manage your time and territory
  • describe different types of customer styles
  • manage the customer relationship on an ongoing basis
  • develop an action plan to apply your new skills.

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