Customer service skills are known as ‘soft skills’. Don’t be fooled. There’s nothing ‘soft’ or easy about excellent service. It’s hard to achieve…but when you do, your business begins to expand and thrive. All the research tells us that quality service is the key to growth and profitability.

Today, in an increasingly automated and anonymous world, people skills are critical, often a tipping point in whether a customer decides to do business with you. Or not. The experience you give your customers directly impacts on your company’s performance. We buy based on emotion, not logic – so how the customer feels about you is what keeps her coming back and recommending you to others.

Our courses and workshops give you the skills that you and your team need to communicate professionally, enhance customer relationships and secure a clear advantage through customer service excellence.

While all courses and workshop are personalized to suit your priorities and objectives, you can discover how to

  • deliver better, customer focused service
  • gain repeat business
  • understand what customers want
  • view colleagues as customers
  • increase your credibility with customers
  • communicate better face to face
  • communicate better through phone and email
  • recognize the benefits of delivering good service
  • recognize that customer service creates revenue
  • save time and reduce stress
  • deal with difficult customers
  • respond effectively to specific customer behaviours
  • set service standards
  • create a Customer Charter designed by staff
  • set goals for improvement
  • maintain standards through mystery shopping

Mystery Shop – Measuring your Customer Service

Golden Apple Training also offers a Mystery Shop service. Mystery Shopping is a tool by which you can measure the quality of the customer’s experience when they use your service. We organise mystery shoppers who pose as normal customers buying a product, asking questions or registering complaints – who then provide detailed feedback on their experience. The service gives you an accurate insight into how your business/service is perceived by the ordinary, everyday customer…which means you can address negative issues and correct any weaknesses.

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