Speaking Topics

Businesses in Ireland, especially in the current recession, need to consistently motivate staff and remind them that their contribution is vital to the success of the organisation. Everyone can contribute; everyone can make a difference; everyone can strive to be 1% better, 1 degree warmer – whatever their role.

Eleanor has developed a series of motivational talks for groups on topics ranging from sales, customer service, personal development, stress management and work/life balance.

Tailored to your audience

Topics can be custom designed for your event and are tailored specifically to your audience.  The format range includes workshops, general sessions and keynote speeches.

The session can be customised to fit into a 30 to 90 minute timeframe Eleanor is passionate about inspiring and helping people to unlock their potential and to maximize their performance. Drawing on her own experience, her key skills are in helping to inspire, empower and motivate people. Her combination of people skills, polished professionalism and relaxed humour creates rapport and wins respect from her audience.

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Mystery Shopping

Business owners/managers recognise that customers are the foundation of a business’s success and that great (good isn’t good enough) customer service is the key to retaining those customers. A company that can identify and correct its weaknesses will maintain a competitive advantage over its competition by continually improving customer loyalty thus increasing sales. Secret shopping is the most cost-effective method of measuring customer service and is the linchpin of customer relationship management.

How does it work?

Mystery shopping is a tool by which you can measure the quality of the customer’s experience when they use your service. Mystery shoppers pose as normal customers buying a product, asking questions, registering complaints or querying their rights– and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. So you have accurate insight into how your business/service is perceived by the ordinary, everyday customer…which means you can address negative issues and acknowledge/reward great performance

Check out your competition

You can also win competitive advantage by examining competitors over the same range of issues and benchmarking your performance against competitor performance.

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