How well you communicate can make or break your professional reputation. Good communication skills don’t always come naturally to people. A skilled communicator is self aware, sensitive to others and assertive. By improving your emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills, you add significantly to your credibility and to your reputation. And your relationships.

Recognising how you come across to others, speaking and listening well and becoming more aware of body language are all good communication skills. Giving constructive criticism, motivating yourself and others and understanding your own communication style are all skills that can make your work more meaningful and effective.

Golden Apple Communication Skills Training will give you the tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals and maximise your performance.

While all courses and workshop are personalized to suit your priorities and objectives, you can discover how to:

  • define your communication style
  • manage first impressions
  • understand the impact of communication styles on others
  • demonstrate assertive behaviour
  • develop and demonstrate better listening skills
  • develop empathy and build rapport
  • understand the importance of perceptions
  • use language to your advantage
  • explore four different communication styles
  • identify the barriers to effective communication
  • understand the power of nonverbal communication
  • use telephone/email more effectively
  • write more effectively
  • gain respect from your team
  • identify what triggers your ‘red buttons’
  • manage difficult colleagues/customers
  • understand the role of perception and image

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