Confidence – “the feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something”- can make almost every aspect of your job and life better. Confidence breeds confidence and acts as a wheel to drive success, achievement and productivity.

When you feel confident you increase the likelihood of sending the right signals and getting the right responses. You command respect while being respectful, and handle almost any situation you’re likely to encounter without seeming overbearing or passive.

With Golden Apple Confidence Training you’ll assess your own communication style and then apply the new skills and tools you learn to address your own challenges. You will recognize how small changes can improve your ability to be perceived as powerful and use your verbal and body language in appropriate ways to increase your influence.

Golden Apple Confidence Building Skills Training for Women will give you the tools and techniques you need to achieve your goals and maximise your performance.

While all courses and workshop are personalized to suit your priorities and objectives, you can discover how to:

  • understand the power you already have
  • develop your personal power
  • understand internal/external confidence
  • distinguish between passive, assertive, and aggressive behaviours
  • recognize the characteristics of the four assertiveness styles and your style
  • identify personal work situations and obstacles
  • develop an action plan to overcome at least two personal obstacles
  • identify ways to reduce conflict
  • recognize the verbal and nonverbal communication styles of men and women
  • apply active and reflective listening skills
  • giving and receiving feedback and criticism
  • learn techniques for dealing with anger
  • prevent and cope with stress
  • develop creative visualization techniques
  • prioritize work and life balance
  • identify the value of women support networks and resources
  • project confidence in any presentation-like situation
  • understand the impact of your personal appearance
  • reprogramme to positive “self talk”

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